Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Things I Cannot Think Of As Normal Anymore

So while watching some Savid Tennant episodes of Dr. Who, I realized some of the must mundane objects of life have become absoloutly awesome/scary/hilarious.
So here's the list :) I'll note the source of why said objects are not normal anymore.

Blue Ford trucks (Harry Potter)
Beer  bottles (Paper Towns)
Ke$ha (Alex Carpenter)
Statues of people, angels specifically (Dr. Who)
Rings (Lord of the Rings)
Pens (Percy Jackson AND Dr. Who, therefore making them made of awesome)
Red Dresses (The Hunger Games)
Wardrobes (Narnia)
Phone boxes (Dr. Who and Harry Potter)

It's late and I'm tried so my creative juices need some caffiene. The list continues tomorrow.


  1. The worst has definitely got to be the Weeping Angels. XD

  2. Yeah, pretty much. If there is one different thing about the new episodes is thay they're much scarier compared to the old ones.

  3. Yes! The whole time I was going, 'If these guys are supposed to have two heads, why do all these ones have one?!' And in the second part, they showed one moving it's head. It creeped me out 'cause I watched it alone, at night, before it got to the US. XD