Sunday, July 17, 2011

Linky Thing!
That is where you can find the lovely merblog. Note that I only co-write. The other posts are done by the founder of the blog, Garrett.

Merpeople ahead!

Hi everyone! So I'm writing for another blog at the moment called the merbooks blog! As you assumed by now (I expect you're smarter than the average bear) it's about merpeople and I'm three quarters of the way through a four part series about how to cast our wonderfully fishy characters on the big screen. It's pretty darn cool if you wanna check it out. You'll find everything you need to know over there about merpeople!

Much love and sonic screwdrivers,

Saturday, July 16, 2011

It All Ended (Sort Of) Deathly Hallows Review

Well the End of an Era is here (song necessary).
My little promo poster is hanging above my bookshelf. My tie and Spectra Specs are in a keepsake box. I've picked it over with other Potter fans.
Deathly Hallows part 2 made me laugh, cry, cheer, scream (mentally) and many other things. It was a wonderful wild ride that I'll never forget.
Everything I doubted in this film worked. I was disappointed with only two details but otherwise I was completely overjoyed. Harry Potter gets the send-off he deserves with a big bang and crying fans.
Go see it. I can't even talk, just go see it.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 Pre-show

Harry Potter is my biggest obssession. I'm not gonna lie. Doctor Who and Music are a close second and third, but I'm a Harry Potter fan at heart.
And this week the last movie makes it to the big screen.
Where did all the time go? It seems like yesterday that Dan, Emma, Rupert, Tom and alll those other kids were like, ten. And Alan Ricman, Michael Gambon, and Maggie Smith weren't as old as they are now.
Wow. That's all I can say. Time flies and we're finally at the last chapter.
I'll be attending a Midnight Premiere here in town with this family that I love a lot from our chruch (Thanks Z's!) who bought my ticket with their own. I'm quite looking forward to all the nice chaos out there.
I have faith in the film makers. Part 1 was fantastic, and I mean that as a Harry Potter fan and a film critic. Sure it was a little boring but I think that was the point, so we'd a have a nice contrast with the huge battle that ensues here.
For those of you who haven't read the books, these next parts are gonna contain some spoilers so all us supa supa fans can nerd out together :)
Helena Bonham Carter playing Hermione playing Bellatrix.
DRAGON DRAGON DRAGON DRAGON! (I have a thing for dragons)
Ron and Hermione's big kiss in the Chamber of Secrets ( Yes, deep deep deep deep down I'm an old softie. Sometimes).
The Prince's Tale. Oh God, I'm going to try and keep crying to a minumum because I don't want to be too distracting to all the other Vulcans watching, but oh God. So sad.
Molly Weasly and Bellatrix facing off (quite possibly my favorite part of the Final Battle).
Many other things that will come to mind when I'm reviewing the movie here.
This is referring mostly to the things I've seen in the trailer.
Harry and Voldemort going off the cliff. What was that all about? I've been puzzling over it in my spare time and I can't work out how that fits in.
Some other little details. Way too excited.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Owl City's Newest: All Things Bright And Beautiful (Review)

So Owl City brings to mind "Fireflies" or "Vanilla Twilight" or "Cave In" for most of you, but we've got new tunes from Adam Young to get on to.
First of all, Adam is awesome. Great vocals, totally trippy instrumentation, and even trippier lyrics, if not slightly hilarious.
The first time I  listened to this album  I was driving around with my brother of awesome, and it was just the perfect soundtrack for the moment, so I'm going to take the time ro review it.
The Real World- One of my favorite songs on the album hands down. Very quoteable, great way to get started off. 
Deer in the Headlights- Funny lyrics do well for Owl City. This song will make you laugh AND it's insanely catchy.
Angels- This is Adam's "Aaron Gillespie moment" as my brother put it. It's a pretty darn dramatic tune for being on an Owl City album.
Dreams Don't Turn To Dust- This song really reminds me of Fireflies. The more electronic-y OC songs and a superb example of an earmole.  Prepare to be singing it for the rest of your life.
Honey and the Bee- Kind of the answer to The Bird and the Worm from Ocean Eyes. Features that one European chick that's kind of sort of not really famous in America (not Lykke Li, the other one). I frimly believe girls everywhere are gonna fall in love with this and put it's lyrics in their emo Deviantart pictures.
Kamikaze- Your formulatic Owl City song, but it's such a good formula. Play on words, insomnia inspired lyrics, one of the more toe-tapping, energetic in an album of more chill music than I'm used to
January 28, 1986/Galaxy- The former is an intro composed of sound clips from the Discovery Space Shuttle lift off while Galaxy is a praise to the Creator. Another one of my personal favorites. Very very cosmic.
Hospital Flowers- Adorable. That's all I can say. Another favorite (in the top five songs on this album).
Alligator Sky- This features some rapper guy who I'm too tired to find. Trippy trippy trippy.
I have two tracks that I haven't throughly picked apart yet, but I'll be happy to post them later.
Night all. I'll start updating more, I swear.