Friday, October 24, 2014

An Open Letter to the Touring Cast of Once

Dear cast and crew,
Thank you for all the awesome work you put into this show! I was lucky enough to come see Once for the second time in Nashville on September 20th, after seeing it on Broadway back in April. I loved the show just as much the second time, if not more.

Story time: I definitely saw a bunch of you lovely people at The Frothy Monkey prior to the show on Saturday. My dad and I were sitting there, having some tea and walnut fudge pie (which was appropriately delicious). We'd already gotten pretty lucky that day, seeing as we got to park literally outside of TPAC for free (that never happens anywhere in Nashville), and we were going to see my favorite show. We'd kind of just stumbled on this little place and it was super delicious. Anyway, not to sound creepy, but I was pretty sure it was you guys when you walked in because I'd had the video preview for the tour of the show up on my computer for at least two weeks before the show, and I'd watch it whenever I had a bad day.
Because I'm a total nerd, I didn't say hi. I kind of regret that. But I was trying to be polite, so I kept quiet. If you happen to remember at all, I was the one in the blue polka dot blazer who was probably making some pretty bizarre faces trying stay cool.

But anyway, thank you so much for being awesome in this amazing show. Once is my favorite for so so many reasons, not just the good memories I have associated with it, but because the music is delivered so powerfully, the actors are so thoroughly involved, and there is so much heart and soul in that story.

My dad, who is usually not one for musicals, was a little reluctant when I asked him to some see it with me in Nashville, seeing as my mom had seen it with me in New York. But by the end of the first act, he absolutely loved it. Our whole family are musicians, so this show is right up our alley, and I really don't know if anything will ever top it for me.

This show means so much to me, and I thought the whole cast of the tour was simply marvelous. There was no gap in quality from Broadway to tour. I had a wonderful evening with my dad, and my feet did not touch the ground for at least two weeks. Running into you all beforehand was pretty neat, but  nothing can beat this beautiful show. You guys are the best.