Sunday, June 26, 2011


Hello faithful readers! I'm here to review the 2010 remake of the already fantastic True Grit. Cohen Brothers always do a really good job with whatever they're doing and this is no exception. Starring Jeff Bridges, Matt Damon, and bursting onto the scene in her first mainstream role Hailee Steinfeld.
Story- The typical I WILL AVENGE MY FATHER! Type deal, but it was still interesting to watch. Mattie Ross' (Hailee Steinfeld) father has been killed by some guy named Tom Chaney and she hires Marshal Rueban "Rooster' Cogburn to go kill him/bring him in to the authorties to be killed. Then LeBouef (that's the only part of his name I remember, played by Matt Damon) joins the mix. So those three go out to catch this guy in unsettled Indian country.
Action, laughs, tears, whiskey, shooting contests,  awkward silences, and general awesome ensues.
Go watch it. I'm too lazy to write more because I want to watch it again.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Starship The Musical

Alright, so first of all, if you don't know, StarkidPotter are the creators of such musicals as A Very Potter Musical and A Very Potter Sequel. Well, they've come out with Starship.
Yes, the  Little Mermaid set in space with a bunch of other little subplots. It's excellent and you should go watch it now. I'm going to cut this post short 'cause I'm tired and I'm not going to link it 'cause it's easy to find on youtube.
I know I know I know.
Longer posts coming soon.

Contains some mild swearing.

Much love and sonic screwdrivers,

Friday, June 10, 2011

Pirates 4 and Inception

What? I thought it was a nice contrast to a do a summer blockbuster, and a long overdue viewing of one of the most mindbending movies ever experianced.
Lets start with Inception shall we?
Alright, basically, everyone's favorite movie ever about dreams and dreams and dreams is incredible.
This is such a rare piece of film. How is this is coherent, how this worked, how this EXISTS just makes me so happy. If you haven't checked this out, you really should. Listen to the enthusiasts. They're right.
I can't even describe it. Just trust me.

Now Pirates 4.
This movie is surprsingly good for a third sequel. I have to say, while I also love films that give you something to think about and philosophical speech therapy, I also love a good summer action blockbuster. I mean, if I keep watching films like The Social Network and Inception all the time, I'm pretty sure I'll get something called depression. You need something fun to go see with your friends and Pirates fills that task so perfectly as Johnny Depp dons the eyeliner once more.

So altogether, two flicks to see most certainly.

Yeah, I know, short. Whatever.

Much love and sonic screwdrivers,

Saturday, June 4, 2011

30th post Interview! With Ashley Knight

Hi everyone! So I've reached my 30th post and  decided to do something cool with someone I really like.

Ashley Knight is the author of two books about merpeople (Fins and Fathom) with a third book on the way to complete the trilogy.  And it just so happens that I met her on a goodreads book for merpeople as well (There's a blog for that too that I'll be doing posts for). I've read Fins and it's a fantastic blend of romance, action, and drama. She let me ask her weird questions, and she answered them without being half as weird :)
So without further ado, the interview:

What inspired Fins aand Fathom and Forever?

My love for my husband. We are  true loves - corded right from day one. We knew we were going to get married when we met!
Wat do you think is the sudden appeal in mer-culture?
Mermaids are mysterious, beautiful, awkward, dangerous, helpless, powerful - everything all embodied in this strange, exotic creature, rather like the teenagers of today. I think they are easily relatable because of their fragility, but heaven help you if you mistake one as vulnerable who is strong willed & determined. Merpeople completely embody the wide variety of young adults today. They seemed the next logical step to me - every YA can find something about a merperson to connect to.

Are any of your characters based off people, and similarly any events relevant to your life?

Yes, some characters are based off real people! I mention them in the acknowledgment section. Thayde is loosely based off my husband who is tall, dark haired & gorgeous! There's a character in Fathom named Jacob Mac who is based off a sweet friend in high school who was very kind to me.

From the few bits I've read, Fathom sounds a lot darker than the relatively happy Fins. Would you say that's true?
Oh yes - it was always going to be that way. Fins is about discovering who you are & accepting what makes you unique. 
Fathom is about learning to cope with the mentally crippling problems that affects us all.  Dealing with depression, anger, hurt, & inadequacies that we face day to day as teenagers is often so overwhelming that many choose a negative, more violent way out. This book shows you the positive, better way; that you're not alone & we all go through this. It's how we choose to overcome that defines us. Fathom delves deep & comes up brighter than ever. It's perfect as a stepping stone to Forever.

How has becoming a writer affected your life?
I've had to tell my children "I'm working now!" a lot more, especially as I'm writing three books at one time. I've had to set aside family time to make sure we have it - that's new. 
I've had fan mail & fan phone calls which is wonderful - I love talking to people who have enjoyed the books. Don't be nervous - come & chat with me! 
I am proud I fulfilled one of my life goals - it's a wonderful feeling. 

You've mentioned you're in a band that's touring soon. Can you tell us about it?
Actually, we lost two members of that band & have reformed. We will be performing this late summer/early fall. It's disheartening to dedicate so much time into a project and have people drop, but we have a great group now who are eager to perform - I think we will do well! 

What music did you listen to while working (it's ok it's a really long list)
I dont listen to music when I write as it tends to distract me, but when I needed inspiration, I listen to Pandora. Artists such as Brandon Flowers, Muse, Coldplay, Amy McDonald, etc., bring me back to the writing frenzy. The list for both books are on my site as are both of the first two chapters of the books - check it out! 

Your mermaid lore is a nice mix of new and old. Were there any older myths that inspired that? Where did your ideas of the new stuff come from?

Yes, the myth that once mermaids die they turn into sea foam was one I kept. I refused to keep the one where merpeople automatically phase when they touch water - what a pain! The special powers was inspired by the Japanese belief of focusing Chi & the rest of the powers grew from there. Many of my ideas come to me in a tidal wave of thought & I have to write them down or they disappear!

Trademark questions?
Who designed the cover? Ken Koeberlein at
What is your website?
What is the name of the last book in the Trilogy?
Any books besides Forever you're working on?
A completely separate YA fantasy fiction called Falwyn - a tale about a princess who falls in love with a commoner but - he's a Falwyn - half human, half fairy!

Do you know the Doctor?

Um, the doctor? Is this from a previous interview? There's a Dr. Foster in the book, but he's a fiction character. 

(Side note: It didn't work. I was hoping for Dr. Who?)
What did you eat while writing, and what is your favorite food?
Lots of carrots - I actually lost over 12 pounds with FATHOM unintentionally. I just got too involved in the book. 
My favorite food is, hands down, Indian Cuisine! (Cue angelic choir)

What was the weirdest thing that happened while writing?
My cat climbed my back. That hurt as she's the only one we adopted that wasn't declawed! Painful!!

Ashley's Fathom was just published and Fins is available in Paperback and E-book format.
I hope you liked the interview!