Tuesday, July 23, 2013

In Which I Talk About Comic Con

That fateful weekend in San Diego has come and gone, SDCC '13. The cosplayers, the panels, the surprises, the footage, has all gone away from the convention center that I politely asked to drive past whilst in San Diego last year.

So here's what we missed seeing in the flesh.

The reveal of the title of the next Avengers movie.

Tom Hiddleston in character and costume introducing Thor 2 footage (and ruling Comic Con)

All of THESE panels (these are links to all of them by the way! as well as the CoC)


And some AMAZING cosplays

And you know who else got to see those? Nobody who was actually at Comic Con.

You see the thing about SDCC is that if you want to see a panel, and most people have at least five they want to see more than they want to eat in the next six hours, you absolutely have to camp out. SDCC doesn't clear the room after panels. You can literally camp all day to see the panel you want, and you often have to.

So if you want to see Matt Smith from a crappy seat at the back of Hall H, you had to come 21 hours before the panel and stick in a line while Comic Con moved on without you.

And if you didn't sell your soul to get into a panel, even just wandering the floor can be hazardous. There is literally nowhere you can go without being around thousands of people. If you have social anxiety or anything of that sort, it must be some kind of cruel torture.

Also food is pretty expensive from what I understand. No me gusta.

And yet every year, on Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, youtube, wherever fangirls exist, there are a plethora of posts like this:


I can't believe I'm sitting at home while EVERYONE is partying with Joss Whedon ughhhh

And this year, I wasn't at Comic Con, but I can tell you this from not even being there:

You on the Internet have the best seat for panels and the Conversations for A Cause this year, not even kidding. And in a way, we are there. There are tons of livestreams and livetweets for "unfilmable" events. I remember sitting in my living room jumping up and down when Loki took over the Thor footage, and it was one of the best moments I've had in a while.

So next year, count your blessings, and realize, paying 1000 dollars or more to sit in the same spot for literally ten hours is not all it's cracked up to be. Enjoy your spot from the Internet, where you can get a little bit of everything. Also, next year, I'll be livestreaming movies and whatnot during the SDCC after party hours so everybody can come talk about their findings on the Internet with other people who didn't get to go. Let's not have all this whining next year, okay?