Sunday, April 3, 2011

Overnight Sensation

If you  missed my previous post on the amazing Patti Rothberg in February or January (it seems like such a long time ago) you've probably forgotten about it. I did too for a while, until I finally got my hands on Overnight Sensation, Patti's latest album (yes, plug, plug plug, plug).
Let me just say it's quite refreshing to hear some good music after a while. Anyway, I decided to ask Patti a couple questions about the album. Check it out when you have the time :)

1. The first couple tracks on Overnight Sensation are quite dance-y. What was the motivation for trying out the new genre?
PR: My producer Dave and I had been writing dance tracks during my creative period with Freddie Katz' rock indie albums hoping to place them with the likes of Britney and or Kylie but ultimately decided my own voice was perfect for the tracks! I've always been a fan of late 70s disco (Donna Summer, Funkytown) so this was a chance to live out my fantasy as a disco diva! Last night my DJ friends spun "Make it REal" and I was just enraptured...people dancing and singing along, I LOVED IT and can't wait for it to happen again and again
2. When I first heard the album, I kind of thought it could be a rock musical and that it told a story. Was that intentional or a complete accident?
I'd love to see it become a rock musical. Concept albums have always inspired me even tho "Sensation" can easily be either a single oriented or storytelling one. Whatever you see in it it can be, to me that is success with an album:)
3.What were the influences on this album?
Each song has varied influences. Make it real is very "Rock with You" M Jackson and also Rhianna's "eh eh eh umbrella which was popular at the time of its inception. Personally I adore it when you record something at a time and nod to a song that is popular to a specific time or era. It dates it but only in the BEST wonderful way!!
4. What was the weirdest thing that happened while you were recording this?
The wierdest thing that happened while recording was how UN-wierd it is for Greenberg/Rothberg to collaborate again after years of missing each other; that look of suspicious knowledge between us when things just WORK like magic. It was like time standing still creating those great stacked harmonies, knowing how RIGHT it is and how much it deserves global limelight and repeated personal ipod repetitions;) Thank you and enjoy! XO P

I'll have a full album review here when I can pull it together and find time. I wanna thank Patti for answering my questions and  you whoever you are for reading this :)

Much love,

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