Thursday, April 14, 2011

Thoughts On Lady Gaga's Born This Way

I like to peek in on pop culture once in a while, keep up with what my friends are talking about so I'm not completely left out. One of the few things I can stand is Lady Gaga. Usually. Maybe it's in small doses. I haven't tested my limits.
Anyways, so I was looking at her famed music videos, and I just want to say before I start flipping out, I think Alejandro, Bad Romance, Paparazzi and Telephone are some amazing music videos. They make no sense yet fit their songs so well.
Born This Way was creepier and disappointing.
First of all, the manifesto of Mother Monster? That was un-necessary, annoying, gross, and puzzling.
It was cool for about the first two seconds really. I don't know. I just couldn't get into it.
Second, the video itself is kind of a let down. I mean, the song is cool if not a Madonna rip off, but I just fely like it was almost normal compared to her others, and that's saying something for Lady Gaga. It failed to amaze me as her videos usually do. It just creeped me out and made me glad they used camera affects.
The thing is, I think Mother Monster is trying too hard. I mean, showing up in an egg at the Grammys? She's running out of crazy stuff to do, and it's starting to show. I honestly think I'd like Lady Gaga more and actually buy her music if it wasn't for her crazy image. I just.... I don't know, I think music should be about the music  and not just about the fact that you can pull off wearing meat. Gaga is actually somewhat talented (GASP) and I think her image is really distracting.
I don't know, what do you guys think?

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