Wednesday, April 13, 2011

More Things That Are Not Normal Anymore

Willow Trees (Harry Potter)
The words Totally Awesome, Redvines, Did you get my text? and last but not least, Butt Trumpet (Starkid)
M. Night Shaylaman (Avatar. Erg. I don't even care that I probably spelled my name right. But then again, that's nothing compared to the horrid things he's done to perfectly awesome TV shows)
Vegans (Scott Pilgrim VS. The World)
Cracks in walls (ordinary in my house) (Dr. Who)
William Shatner (DUH!)
Big Black Dogs (Harry Potter)
Seventeen Year Old Asian Fan Girls (Scott Pilgrim VS. The World)
Train Stations (Harry Potter)
The (somewhat) word alot (Hyperoble and a Half)
Little Old Ladies knitting (Various sources, including Dr. Who and Percy Jackson)
Plastic Surgery (Uglies
Reality Shows- Survivor especially. (the Hunger Games)
Pictures on Walls (Blues Clues and Harry Potter)
Deserted Anything (Anything scary you've ever watched)
Potatoes (Lord of the Rings)
Puppets (Potter Puppet Pals)
Flesh Wounds (Monthy Python) (Ok, not terribly common, deal with it)
Hipsters (Scott Pilgrim)

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