Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Patti Rothberg Returns

If you don't know who Patti Rothberg is, I don't blame you, but you need to find out. Her new album "Overnite Sensation" comes out on Valentines day, and it's one of my most anticipated this year.
First, lets do a lot of history.
If you've been around long enough, you've probably heard the name Patti Rothberg before. She had a hit song in the 90's called "Inside" from her debut album "Between the 1 and the 9". Then her record label branch closed off and we didn't see anymore from Patti until 2001's "Candelabra Cadabra".
Then in 2008, "Double Standards" came out, and that was when I was introduced to the sardonic, sarcastic, beautiful, lively, genius that is Patti Rothberg.
And now she's back for a fourth round.
What I really liked about the album was that every song sounded different in it's own way, yet you could still tell you were listening to the same album. Lots of rock, blues, acoustical, a little bit country, punk, singer-songwriter.
So if you like any of those genres,you'll like Patti.
I reccomened buying all of Patti's discography, "Candleabra Cadabra" and "Double Standards" (as well as a short EP called "Snow is my Downfall) are on iTunes. You might have to do a little searching for "1 and the 9" but there are some good copies on eBay (that's where I got mine).
You can also find her on Facebook and Myspace.
So do the world and yourself a favor and check this very talented lady out.

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