Thursday, February 3, 2011

Robert Plant's latest: Band of Joy

One day, cruising through the suburban streets, our radio was announcing they would be playing new music from Robert Plant. Now, I'm one of those people that doesn't usually believe in the whole "It's going to be just as good as the good 'ole days!" type people. There have only been a few good albums put out by old artists in the last decade. Rober Plant is one of the good ones.
So back to the radio. My hands on the dial to change stations when the booming intro to "Angel Dance comes blasting thourgh our little mini van. My mom even started jamming to the glorious chaos that ensued.
"Angel Dance" was all over the place. African beat, mandolin, distorted guitar, and this danceable song that I absoloutly adored.
So my mom lamely enough finds the album at STARBUCKS of all places, but I didn't really care when Istarted listening to this.
This album, much like "Angel Dance" is pretty out there, but in a good way, and it goes along witht the trippy liner notes/album art. But it's some good stuff.
 I can't describe it. So your just going to have to trust me.

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