Monday, February 28, 2011

Britian and it's Awesome

Alright, for some reason I've been on a rant about how Britian is much smarter in their culture and music than America. Don't get me wrong, I love my country. But our music falls flat (literally) and our TV Shows are all racy and get old reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaly fast.
Yes I just started watching Dr.Who. And it blows my little American mind with it's awesome.
But why is this? Why does it seem Britian is doing it better right now? And why can America not air doctor Who on Sci-Fi or something! I can't keep renting these episodes off iTunes, it hurts the planet and my wallet!
Anyway, end rant on how Britian does it better, I'll just keep talking about Dr. Who.
It's really hard to be a nerd for me right now. It seems that hardly any of my friends are into nerdfighting or British genius or books. I was around typical specimens of teenage girls this weekend (I don't know why I don't consider myself a teenage girl, considering that's what I am, bt these girls take the cake for defnition of teenage girls), and the conversation went in circles like this:
Justin Bieber Movie
Disney Channel
Miley Cyrus
Nike Shorts
Insert Latest Trend here
*repeat cycle until you rip out your hair*
Yeah. Meanwhile I was hiding out in my sleeping bag and wondering if on the occasion I found a sonic screwdriver, would it make them shut up? If I knocked them all dead with my fake vegan powers, would the vegan police come and take it all away for abusing said powers? Would calling in my hobbit army do anything at all?
I pondered these while my peers became wired on sugar.
After two whole days with these trendy zombies, I was allowed to escape their grasp. Thank God.
And now I'm bursting  at the seams to go back to making nerd referacnces every few minutes as oppsoed to not talking at all for fear of having large volumes of paranormal romance books I so despise thrown at me.
So here's to you nerds out there. This is a place for you to take refuge. Ten points to your respective Hogwarts houses for every referance made! LIVE LONG AND PROSPER!

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