Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Artist Reviewed!

(By the way, listen to this while you're reading the review. It sets the tone.

Je suis trop branche' pour commencer un poste en anglais, donc je suis en train de commencer en francais.

If you've been keeping up with film lately, The Artist has been making big waves. For one thing, it's a silent black and white film in 2012. Two, it's actually amazing. I was initially hesitant about the film, simply because it seemed like a gimmick for movie-goers. But in all reality, The Artist is a beautiful moving film that is so vintage that it's a breath of fresh air.
Director Michel Hazanavicius (yes I did look up how to spell it)  presents a beautifully rendered piece of film that takes you back in time instantly. The cinematography is swoon worthy, the acting is amazing, and I'm fangirling so hard I'm running out of adjectives.
The only thing I could think to complain about is that the film drags in the middle. You might stare at your watch once or twice. But it picks back up pretty quick.
As a soundtrack geek, this thing is certified awesome. Honestly, this might be my favorite soundtrack of the year (along with Hanna and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2). The score carries most of the movie, and it does so quite well. It's a bit Chaplin-esque, very swing, and very in-step with the movies tone and time period.
If you're worried that the story is unintelligible because it is silent, the actors take care of that. Every movement  means something and once you learn to register everything, the movie becomes   a breeze. They make sure you're getting it, and they do a wonderful job of it.
Altogether, go see this now.


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