Saturday, February 25, 2012

In Which I Discuss The Best Picture Nominees

If you're like me, you look forward to the Oscars with hesitance and a little bit of excitement. The big ceremony is tomorrow night on ABC and by some off stroke of luck I've watched some of the nominees, so I'll be giving my opinions here :) When I hit a film I haven't seen, I'll.... improvise I guess.

AND THE NOMINEES ARE.....................

The Help- The Help holds a special place in my heart simply for the connections it had with my life at the time I was reading it. It's such a great piece of literature. However, I felt a lot of the harsher aspects from the book were candy coated for the film adaptation. The film borders on chick flick because of that, and that's kind of disappointing. Best Picture? Probably not. I won't be surprised if it picks up a few acting awards though.

The Descendants- I haven't seen this one, but it's been picked over in all the film forums I follow. It sounds like a decent film, but possibly a little too emotionally manipulative. I honestly don't think I'll watch this one.

The Tree of Life- Again, haven't seen this one, but according to friends who have, it's a giant mess. Art for the sake of art? I'll be watching it sooner or later. It's in my Netflix queue anyway.

Moneyball- Believe it or not, I really liked this movie. It was like a non-sports sports movie. Jonah Hill is fantastic, Aaron Sorkin's' script is totally awesome (as are his co-writers) and Brad Pitt gives a solid performance (Hill was better in my opinion). It's a neat little movie. But again, I don't think it'll win, and that's ok with me.

Midnight in Paris- An artsy chick flick in my opinion. Owen Wilson is playing that one version of himself he always plays. However, I did like all of the characters from the 1920's. Alison Pill's take on Zelda Fitzgerald lights up the screen in particular. But alas, there is nothing too impressive here.

War Horse- I swear to God, I was so ready to see this movie. I was looking forward to it. And then I got wrapped up in something else and totally forgot about it, and before I knew it it was gone. But either way, here's what I have to say: America, meet Benedict Cumberbatch.

Hugo- Please refer to "Why 3-D Bothers Me" post.

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close- I don't even know what to say here. I literally have nothing.

The Artist- This is the only nominee out of all of these that I 1. Thought was a winner. 2. Loved to death (I loved the Help to death to, but it had it's problems) and 3. Geniuinely wanted to see again (The help could go here too, but moving on). My money is on this one.

What do you think about the nominees?


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