Tuesday, December 13, 2011


I'm fairly sure I've made it apparent by now that I'm obsessed with England/Britain/The UK/whatever you want to call it.
So it shouldn't come as a surprise that I completely love BBC's miniseries Sherlock.
It's just what you think it is: An updated take on Sherlock Holmes set in the modern day for the modern audience. But the best part is that is so much more.
Sherlock is by far the most intricately plotted crime show I've ever seen. Whereas you could sit down and deconstruct an episode of CSI by the second commercial break, Sherlock constantly keeps you guessing and glued in place. There's only three episodes in the one existing season, but each one is superbly done and riveting.
The Victorian style of the original book is gone, and there's not even a steampunk aesthetic like I thought (that would be cool). It's like Criminal Minds and Bones moved to England, had a super smart baby, and watched as it became so much smarter than either of them.
Playing the lead role in Sherlock is Benedict Cumberbatch, who nails it. Sherlock is dark, moody, and a "high functioning sociopath". He's a wizard with a smartphone and a blog and is a fascinating character.
Martin Freeman stars opposite as John Watson, a war vet back in England after sustaining an "injury" (side note: He's also playing Bilbo in the Hobbit). He ends up rooming in Sherlock's flat (Still  221B Baker Street, no worries) and tags along to the crime scenes. Watson also has a blog prescribed by his therapist, where he writes up all of the misadventures.
While this is a crime  show, it's not nearly as trashy as anything in America. No boobs, no sex, nothing objectionable. I wouldn't call it family friendly but it's as close as a show with a body count could be.
The next season of Sherlock starts on January 1.


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