Thursday, February 21, 2013

In Which I Delve Into Fan Fiction (Or, The Post I Am Never Going To Talk About Again)

The more I think about posting this the more I think I shouldn't. But then again, I'm kind of proud of the fact that I, Randi Eversole, back-of-the-book critiquer and costume help for Huntsville High's production of Wizard of Oz, have.....

Written nothing other than James Bond (More specifically Skyfall)/Sherlock crossover fanfic.

Fanfic was the one area of fandom I said I was never ever going to go into ever.  But then Tumblr persuaded me to give it a shot after reading some original stuff I'd done. So the result was this totally embarrassing fabfic that has the following Awesome Things going on:

-Q is the third Holmes brother!
-John and James totally knew each other in the military because that's definitely probably according to canon!
-Moriarty and Silva have taken over 221B!
-Mycroft owes M a date!
-Some awesome Holmes brothers angst!
-John being sassy!
-Some other awesome stuff your inner geek is psyched about!

So without further ado, here is a link:

What have I gotten myself into?


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