Thursday, January 19, 2012

Why 3-D Bothers Me

Let me tell you a lovely little story of a girl who likes movies. A lot.
This girl also gets sick in 3-D movies because it makes her dizzy.
The girl's family took her to see Hugo with her younger sister. She wanted to see the movie more than she wanted to see the next episode of Doctor Who, which is saying something, I can assure you.
Unluckily, the girl's family forgot about her getting sick in 3-D movies and bought very very expensive tickets to the 3-D version.
The girl had to sit there in the theater and listen to the movie, because she couldn't look at the screen for fear of vomiting all over her boots.
And of course, this all happened to me.
And I was very upset.
But here's the thing: Why is everything in 3-D? People ask me this question a lot when they hear me go on about the brilliance of Aaron Sorkin and stuff like that.
And here's the answer:
Do you all remember Avatar? Not the airbenders, the blue people. The movie sucked. But anyway, do you remember when the 3-D trend started? Well, if you don't, the whole reason we're in this mess is because of Avatar.
I think the main reason why 3-D is so popular is not because it "enhances the movie" (I've seen more than a fair share of movies in 2-D that I could tell had no effects that would pop off the screen. I'm looking at you Pirates 4 and Dawn Treader).  It's a money thing. Like I said, I saw the grand total on the  Hugo tickets, and it was about fifty bucks for four people to go see a 3-D movie.
So Hollywood, can we end this? Please? For my sake and many others?


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