Sunday, August 21, 2011

Wilfred Confuses Me

Thanks to my brother and a very funny youtube comedian who's even more ADD than I am, it seems I've discovered the whereabouts of Elijah Wood the Hobbit Boy.
He's on FX on this insane show called Wilfred.
And I haven't seen a single episode, but this sound whack, so somebody correct me if I'm getting this wrnog.

So there's this guy, and he's depressed and there's this dog that's actually a guy but nobody else thinks it's a guy in a dog suit and they go off and have silly misadventures to make depressed guys's life better and depressed guy is Elijah Wood.
Am I with it so far?
I'm generally confuzzled at this point. This shouldn't work, but apparently people love it...I need closure.

Much love and Sonic Screwdrivers,

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