Sunday, May 29, 2011


So guess what? I'm going to catch you silly Americans up on the my favoritest show ever :)
So off we go.

The Doctor- The awesome alien Time Lord dude who saves the Earth every single second, every minutes, every hour of everyday. The cool thing about  the Doctor (And the main reason the show is still around and the longest running sci-fi in show in history) is that he can regenerate when he's about to die. Right now he's re-generated eleven times and is currently played be the adorable, bow tie wearing, geeky Matt Smith (small fangirl squeal). In short, he's 900 and something years old
Companion- The Doctor usually picks a couple awesome people who usually deserve a way out of normalacy along for the ride. Right now it's the supposedly happily maried Amy and Rory (Karen Gillian and Arthur Darill play them respectively) and they usually add some drama and humanitarianism to the show. There's only been a few episodes that the Dr. has traveled alone.
TARDIS- (stands for Time and Relative Dimensions In Space) is the magical time Machine the Dr. stole in his youth and has been traveling around Earth and other planets ever since. Sometimes it breaks, and it recently  had a human body for a little bit in one of the more recent episodes.
Dalek- Daleks are the Dr.'s oldest enemy. They look like some kind of robot from Power Rangers, but their real bodies are on the inside. It looks like a jelly fish. Anyways, with annoying voices and unthinkable weirdness, they give the Dr. a headache (me too)
There's a bunch of other villians too (Cyberman, Weeping Angels, most recently The Silence) and a variety of other aliens and stuff.
Sonic Screwdriver- The coolest little tool ever. It doesn't actually look like a screwdriver, and it fixes a heck of a lot more. Comes in handy in a fix. I squeal everytime it does something epic in the Dr's hands.
Sometimes the Dr. goes back in time, sometimes the future, sometimes different plants, sometimes Earth, always very fun, always quirky, and better than most stuff in America.
Dr. Who is a big part of British culture like we American's really around..... Happy Days or Full House or wahtever.
Having a favorite Dr. is a hard thing to do. I constantly have arguments in my head about who's better: David Tennant, Matt Smith, or Tom Baker. (I still can't pick just one).

Anyway, I skipped over a lot of stuff (seven hundred episodes in a couple hundred words is pretty impossible).
So Whovians, feel free to add more :)

love and sonic screwdrivers,

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