Sunday, May 8, 2011

Dr. Who Season Six Premiere- Thoughts

French the Llama that was good!
Dr. Who is back with a bang this year. Here's a step by step evaluation!

Acting- All the actors, while still very good in season 5 have become so much better over the break. It's so much fun to watch them even when it's the saddest episodes I've ever seen (it's a two part thing instead of an hour season premiere).
Story- Does everybody remember how Inception confused you after you finished. You sat there on your couch with your popcorn and Diet Coke thinking "What did I just watch and how is this coherent?"
But it is  in a weird way and it leaves a lot of stuff up for grabs. I also heard Nail Gaiman was on board with this season and that definitly makes a mark, coupled along with the genius mind-boggling writer Steven Moffat.
Scary Stuff- The Slience (lead baddies) are rivaling the Weeping Angels as the scariest aliens in Dr. Who history! Unlike the Angels though, it wasn't a non-stop scare fest with sharp jabs and electrifying shocks. The Silence pop up quickly, scare you a little bit and move on only to do the same thing again five minutes later. They're some of the scariest looking things I've ever seen, although mostly, they just stand around and do nothing (they do kill somebody once though). I do have a question though, why are they wearing suits? It's a bit confusing.

One thing that annoys me about viewing a new season as it comes out is that I don't have anyone to tell me what's up and how cool it is. I'm caught up with everybody else now and we're all on this weird rollercoaster that has lots of off angles and turns. It's quite exciting.

What were your thoughts on the premiere. Is the bowtie still as cool when it's purple? (Yes it is)

Love and sonic screwdrivers,

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