Tuesday, March 15, 2011

What Ever Happened To Disney?

My brainwashed, somewhat adorable at times little sister is OBSSESSED with Disney Channel. Thats the only thing she watches. As you know, I've abandoned American TV for movies and Dr. Who but ovccasionaly, Disney will show a Tim Burton movie and I'll be captive audience. But then there's the commercial breaks.
Disney's latest project, Selena Gomez (the next Miley) has a song out (Who doesn't on Disney Channel) somwhere along the lines of be yourself and happy things will happen, even if you will never be as beautiful as me! There is absoloutly no interpretation of the "Ugly side" in this video. Selena is dressed in beautiful fany gowns and prefect make-up and flaunting of the thin-ness.
I then flipped channels, much to my sister's dismay. It fell on VH1, which was playing music videos in the afternoon hours for some odd reason.
I recognized it from the radio. Pink's Effin'Perfect.
That is an uplifting music video.
If you presented me with the horrer that I could only listen to one popular female pop singer's discography for the rest of my life, I'd pick P!nk. She has nice pipes, has overcome a troubled past, and this song  makes little Gomez's song look like "I'm Too Sexy". The video is beautiful, so is the song (and I am normally not tolerant of swearing).
It was so refreshing to know someone is not afraid to expose the ugly side of low self-confidence.  I mean, this was the real deal. After just reading Wintergirls, it was so wonderful tosee.
On that subject, Katy Perry's "Firework is somewhere in the middle. If I was given the choice of two female pop singers on the top ten, it'd be Katy Perry and Pink. The music video is somewhat leaning more towards Selena over there, but it's more serious (except for the part where pyrotechnics explode from Perry's boobs. I thought the whipped cream was bad enough.)
But anyway, at least the issue is being addressed at all angles. Hope for the future, man.

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