Thursday, October 13, 2011

Harry Potter Summer Memory Part 1

 know, I haven’t finished the Director’s  series I did, but I figured I could start another series since I am a DISTRACTED genius.
Summer 2011 was Harry Potter summer for me. The premiere, the coping, the friends I lost and made, it all happened.
But today I want to concentrate on a one of a kind totally awesome most amazing HP-related thing I did: Hogwarts Vacation Bible School.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with  VBS, it’s basically this thing that goes on for a week and it’s got a theme and kids go and learn about God and Jesus and all that cool stuff.
So a local church here in town chose to eschew those lame themes and do a Hogwarts Vacation Bible School, which was a very bold move on their part. 
I don’t actually attend this church (I go to one down the street) but I play music for them at their cool midnight church service and my sister went to pre-k and Kindergarten there.
But they were having this thing. So I went and helped.
It was so adorable.
The main room was decorated like the Great Hall and Hermione taught you songs and Dumbledore told you stories in the basement and Professor Snape gave you challenges to do and it so frakkin’ adorable. The four hoses were re-named after the four gospels. I was very impressed. And as far as the lessons, they were using symbolism from the Harry Potter books to teach Christian values and principals. I also heard John Granger came to speak at the thing, but I missed that bit.
I brought along one of my friends and we did house-elf duties, and I was playing Kreacher and she was playing Dobby.
But what was so cool is that this church had the boldness to do a Hogwarts Bible School. A lot of other churches wouldn’t let their kids go, because they think Harry Potter is a how-to Wiccan Handbook.  But on further inspection, this was a perfectly legitimate church outing. I was so impressed.

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