Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Great Week of Movie Watching! Part 1

Hi everyone! I've been watching a ton of movies lately, new and old. So I'm gonna sum 'em all up in a four part series.

The Help- First of all, I loved the book to the point of suffocation and this movie had high expectations. And it got as good as it could get. I'm not going to go into plot detail, just general over-view.
1. There's one of thing that the movie has that the book didin't: Viola Davis, Octavia Spencer, and Emma Stone with an amazing cast of supporting characters. I forgot the name of the lady who played Celia Foote but lawdy she was funny. The ending made me want to cry more than the book did and I really loved watching it. Like, I never thought WHEN IS IT GONNA BE OVER!?!?!? I loved sitting in the theater with my mum and laughing and crying and listening to other people have the same reaction

NOTE: The following review is writted (that was on purpose) by my fantabulous brother CALEB...

Schindler's List- I spent most of my life hearing about Schindler's List as a really great, really graphic, really emotional kind of movie. but in my whole life, I had never seen it. so Randi got it off Netflix. I watched it, and I must say that it was one of the best I've seen. I love Liam Neeson for his always epic acting, and this movie's probably his best (that I've seen at least. I've yet to see taken, which I was told is great). The black and white is hard to get used in a way, but it's not a negative at all. The picture quality itself is just as good as any movie made today and seeing that kind of quality in black 'n white is definitely a great effect. Color is used only twice in the movie, both times to show significant important things. If you wanna see what the holocaust was like, the closest depiction of it is this movie. No hidden violence here. All shown, all the time. Best movie I've seen in a while.

KEEL BEEL VON AND TWO (otherwise known as the two part film known as Kill Bill)-  Quentin Tarantino has one of the best imaginations. Ever. I know, ranking such abstract things as imagination is super unfair. But Quentin Tarntino must be something of a genius. I think so anyway. But alas, I'd never seen Kill Bill, which is like his second most popular, well-loved, well-reviewed film (first goes to Pulp Fiction obviously). So I invited my best friend, the Diabolical Diabetic overe to watch them with me. And I loved them more than I loved the previous two movies. It had everything I love: Action, drama, weird swords, weirder people, long lost kids, tricked-out trucks, assassins, crazy asians, all done tongue in cheek. I won't give anything away, 'cause youu need to see these for yourself. It's a thrill ride fo' sho'.

That concludes part 1!

Love and sonic screwdrivers,

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